Tyler & Jeffy Get The “Bright Idea” To Embark On Alumni-Only FIVE DAY DEBAUCHEROUS ROMP Through Miami South Beach During Model Season

One-Time Bootcamp Event So Psychologically Intense Only Alumni Are Prepared To Experience It

Heeeeey what’s up, it’s Tyler.

I created this page to tell you about the upcoming Alumni-Only 5 Day Bootcamp during the upcoming “Model Season” in Miami South Beach.

I’m pretty proud to brag that RSD has about a 70% “Alumni Retention Rate” among past bootcamp students.

What that means is about 70% of people who take a bootcamp with RSD will have such a powerful experience, and find that their lives are so different going forward, that they decide to keep learning more.

(I have never, ever had a student who attended another program and said “I didn’t “get it” the first time.” It’s 100% guys who have been kicking ass and just want to KEEP GOING further down the rabbit hole.)

The reason I’m able to produce these kinds of results is that I’ve been teaching “infield bootcamps” for about 10 years now. Most weekends of my life have been spent teaching “how to get girls” live in the field, so if we’ve ever spent a few days working together you can imagine the absurd volume of pickup I’m around on a YEARLY basis (and then multiply it by about 10).

Jeffy, likewise, has been teaching most weekends for nearly the same amount of time, and because I’ve had to take breaks here and there, the two of us often bust each other’s chops about who is the most experienced infield dating teacher in the world.

Anyway regardless of who it is, we were brain-storming recently about how we could create an event that’s fun and different in the winter time, to give us a chance to do another “large scale” event in between the “World Summit” that we do in the summer.

The proven path to success has always been taking a bootcamp, and thousands of people have also achieved obnoxiously exceptional results by learning from different instructors over multiple programs. But we wanted to create an event that was cool and interesting, for people who wanted to do something different and beat the “winter blues”.

That being the case, we decided that Miami South Beach during the infamous “model season” was THE obvious time and place – there is really nothing more awesome.

South Beach is my personal “happy place” for picking up girls in the winter and I was planning to go there and have all the fun to myself. But upon reflection we decided it would be cool to open up this experience so YOU could get in on the action as well.

The Event That Exploits The Transformative Power Of “Macro-Momentum” In A Chaotic And Sexually Charged Environment

I remember how “back in the day” one of the most valuable experiences to building my own skill-set with women was going on extended “pickup romps” through intense environments like Las Vegas and Ibiza Spain.

These extended romps were very powerful because they built up that same feeling of “momentum” I got between the crappy first approaches at the start of the night to the awesomeness that happened when I was “in state” by the end...

Except that it kept BUILDING and COMPOUNDING over several days.

You can call this effect “macro momentum”. What’s crazy about this is I consistently found I carried it with me for months afterwards, and it’s typically when I enjoyed the biggest surges of improvements in my results.

This is what gave me the idea to create a bootcamp experience that exploited the power of “macro momentum” for YOUR benefit as well.

The five day event in Miami is obviously LONG. It’s really TOO LONG. But it’s also through this mind-numbing endless ROMPING that your brain is forced to re-wire itself and fully LET LOOSE.

Be warned that you may come back from this experience appearing to be mentally retarded to your friends and co-workers, as this type of romping often causes you to lose all social inhibitions and essentially “operate on primitive instinct” for weeks afterwards. It’s actually pretty cool and gets you tons of girls, but it’s also pretty extreme.

The Other Big Advantage: A Focus On Building Up Your Sense Of “Entitlement”

Another major “coolness element” of the Model Season Bootcamp is the focus on ENTITLEMENT.

Entitlement is the idea that you can usually easily attract, date, and have sex with girls who you think you’re “good enough” for. But when it comes to exceptionally attractive women, you often become “reactive” towards them.

Maybe you get hesitant on the approach, or give away your power as a man to her in one subtle way or another, it doesn’t matter. The point is that on some level you blow yourself out.

The MODEL SEASON Bootcamp is designed to provide you with an experience to eradicate these issues, and allow you to look even the most beautiful women in the eyes, spark attraction, and have the “jam” to take her by the hand and drag her home.

There’s nothing more hilarious and awesome than doing something “outside your comfort zone” and then RETURNING back to your comfort zone afterwards. South Beach during model season is very much outside the comfort zone of just about anyone, both in terms of the caliber of women and also the chaotic environment.

But the POWER of it is that when you go home afterwards, dating the hottest women in your city is frankly a joke.

The only downside? You wish you were back in South Beach hooking up with stunners. Frankly this kind of sucks, but it’s also a quality problem. Your expectations have increased but your ENTITLEMENT has increased along with it.

Ultimately The Model Season Bootcamp Is Set Up To Make It IMPOSSIBLE Not To Have A Life-Changing Experience

There’s nothing you’ll enjoy more than venues that are chaotic and difficult, and yet rewarding when you master them.

We chose South Beach for the Alumni-Only bootcamp because of the absurdly hot women, the super slick scene, but maybe most importantly, the highly desirable VENUES for an experience like this.

Oh yeah and the coolest part: the DAMNED BEACH is right beside most of the best clubs.

Beyond that, I’m also bringing down my crew of best instructor assistants and naturals for the Model Season Bootcamp.

These are the best guys I know with women aside from RSD instructors: the guys I’ve personally learned from and modeled to create the material for RSD, who are usually NOT available to the greater pickup community.

Although they are not “official instructors” (that would be Jeffy and myself) they informally improve the student to instructor ratio from the ALREADY OBNOXIOUS THREE-TO-ONE and improve it to closer to ONE ON ONE.

Again, this is not the official ratio, and these guys will be out pulling women and doing their thing. But they’re in the venue for you to observe and hang out with, and they’ll also be happy to offer you many insights and generally just boost up the vibe from awesome to utterly insane.

The bottom line is that this event will offer you FULL ATTENTION and an ABSURDLY IDEAL student to instructor ratio. It is a full-on-romp through South Beach with Jeffy and myself, other kick-ass alumni, and our most skilled crew.

This Is Nearly Full By Word-Of-Mouth Before It Was Announced…SIGN UP NOW If You Want To Experience This As Demand Is High

Ultimately I created the type of program here that *I* wish I would have had available to me when I was learning to get good with girls.

The careful planning I’ve invested into it is to create an amazing and life-changing experience FOR YOU.

Due to the event being a full 5 days (nearly twice as long as a regular bootcamp), as well as the very high demand for this rare and one of a kind program, I’d initially thought to price it at around $5000.

That’s also because there’s always a handful of people on RSD’s list of alumni for whom this would be a no-brainer, and the extreme changes to their lives afterwards would easily justify the price.

HOWEVER I decided that I’ve always worked to maintain our events at the most stunningly inexpensive prices of the industry, because I know how hard it was to master this stuff back when I was in the same place that you are right now.

The being the case, the 5 Day Alumni-Only Model Season Bootcamp is an investment of only $2995.

(Which is slightly cheaper than what 5 days worth of REGULAR bootcamp would cost if you average it out.)

I’ve done this to make it impossible for you not to take advantage of this opportunity in front of you right now.

So don’t screw around here: think about your goals, and if you believe this program has the potential to be a life-changing experience sign up immediately, and then you can lay back to anticipate the event.

Prepare to be utterly destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up. You’ll carry the momentum, energy, and new skills you gain from this event with you for years to come.

I’ll look forward to seeing you in South Beach. This is going to be absolutely insane!


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