The bootcamp was an amazing experience. I got to go out with the OGs of pimping, Tyler and Jeffy. I mean, fuck, who better to learn from? Well worth the money and if you are reading this, immediately sign up for a BC.

Seriously, because I would have been making the same mistakes over and over and over again if it weren’t for Tyler, Jeffy, and the interns telling me where I was going wrong and what I need to improve on.

Silicone Pimp

Overall, the program was AWESOME.

A little about me:
27, this was my 3rd bootcamp, both previously in Chicago. So obviously I've liked my bootcamps, otherwise I would not have taken a 3rd.

Amazing. Tyler is quite analytical, and will tell you exactly what you need to do. For me, it was increasing my range, and getting more comfortable escalating fast and doing crazy things. Realizing my value. Qualifying girls.

Although I got to basically choose which instructor to work with, it is exactly that. You don't really get more from the joint bootcamp than you would from either individual instructor, aside from the flexibilty to choose who you will work with when you get there. Its not like you have both instructors teaching you at the same time. I ended up working more with Tyler than with Jeffy, and I may at some point do a Jeffy solo bootcamp.

My recommendation to the general public:
Go to a free event, check out how awesome the in field footage is. If you like it-->
Go to a hot seat event. Take a look at the different instructors type of game. See what you like/ identify with. Decide to take a bootcamp.
Take a bootcamp. Go out for 6months to a year. Get the other aspects of your life together.
Take another bootcamp with someone else.
Wash.Rinse.Repeat until you are pulling 10's with a high level of consistency.

I'll probably take a bootcamp every year or two, and attend superconference in Vegas if I can get vacation.

On a side note: I got a kick out of how eloquent Jeffy is in person, and Tyler's interest and skepticism in alternative medicine.


Bootcamp: Day 1
We meet up with Owen, Jeff, Ghandi, and Mike (interns). Jeff started off with asking each of us to describe where we are (how many approaches, how long have you been in it), how long we’ve known about RSD, and our greatest passions/hobbies. We went around the circle and gave Owen and Jeff some background information about ourselves so they could tailor the night to our specific needs.

Note: If you haven’t taken a bootcamp, you should realize that every program is completely different. The program is specifically tailored for each student. Because of the low instructor-student ratio, this is possible. It may not be the most cost-effective for RSD, but they want to offer the highest quality program…and it is.

Next, Owen and Jeff explained their expectations for the night and described the focus of the night.

1. Always do what the instructor says
2. Don’t judge yourself or other students
3. Stay open minded
4. Don’t make excuses

There was other stuff, but I felt those were the most important.

Tonight, our focus was to approach and learn to build serious social momentum. Owen and Jeff listed the three most important principles of the night:

1. Intent
*Having clarity in your desires, actions, and words
2. Self-amusement
*Expression not impression
3. Social Momentum
*If you aren’t building momentum, you’re losing it

"Woo + Intent = Boner" - Jeffy

At first I was thinking "fuck, this is beginner stuff…seriously?" BUT it didn’t take long before Owen and Jeff described these three principles deeper than I’ve ever known them, and in a different manner than I’ve ever seen before. Before program, I had an idea of what each of these principles is, but after the first night out, I see the depth in them.

Our opener for the night was simple…just introduce yourself. From there, obviously staying in set is important, but our only mission was to JUST APPROACH.

Note: A great game to encourage you to do approaches is called the "30 Second Game." You have 30 seconds to approach anyone (guy, girl, tranny) before your wing punches you hard – I’d recommend the arm, but get creative if you want. Jeff did this with me, and it took me about half a second to pick someone and go. You aren’t thinking "I wonder if this girl is going to like me, I wonder if that is her boyfriend, etc…" YOU ARE THINKING "fuck, is he really going to deck me? Fuck it, I don’t want to find out."

The first bar we went to was called Joshua Tree. It was a sports bar upstairs, and a dance floor downstairs. The first thing we did when we got there was learn some good ways to boost your state by being obnoxious and having fun. Jeff made up a great game called "Five." It is so utterly retarded and funny, that it actually convinces you that you are indeed a cool motherfucker. We played this while Jeff was tonguing a Jell-O shot. I remember the barmaid walking over asking us what we wanted to drink, and Jeff said:

"I’ve already got my drink. It makes me look manly." – as he put his little Jell-O shot on his head.

Haha fucking obnoxious and hilarious. Jeff immediately start pushing us into sets.

"Those girls there, GO! That group, GO! Where my elbow is pointed, NOW!"

Half the time I had no idea which girls, but you just go approach the hottest girl in the general direction anyway.

It is impossible to remember every set, but one of the instructors pointed out a girl who was sitting by herself at a table (probably waiting for some guy to get back). I sat next to her and started chatting and found out she actually went to High School too. We talked for a bit, and then the guy she was with came to the table (I assumed it was a guy, but I didn’t even acknowledge his presence). I continued talking with her, and then I noticed she kept looking at me and quickly glancing at the guy and back at me. After her doing this a bit, I engaged the guy and spoke to him briefly.

Note: Jeff and Owen had solid input on how to deal with guys entering the set. JUST FUCKING IGNORE THEM. Pretty simple. The only caveat is if the girl breaks eye contact with you and looks at the guy. Then you can engage him quickly "YO what’s up man, I’m _____." That’s it. If he tools you, ignore him. Very simple, and very effective!

I talked to a few more girls upstairs, and then we headed downstairs to the dance floor area. I only remember a couple girls down here too. I met a girl from Europe that Owen had been running a demo on earlier. She was pretty cute, and I met her and held her hand after shaking it. I then pulled her in and held her in a half hug. I could feel her resisting it at first and pushing away, but I just held it anyway. I joked with her about getting married and having kids and a dog, but then getting divorced. That is the only routine I ever use. I don’t think about using it, it just comes out sometimes…and that is why it works. I half-assed went for the makeout a couple times but didn’t get it – hmm… I wonder why? Owen could tell it wasn’t moving forward and came in and said "yo, grab her phone number, we’re moving on." As I was doing that, her friend pulled her away. It’s pretty amazing that the instructors can watch and know exactly what is going on without hearing anything.

The next girl I talked to was a girl that Owen opened, but she kept walking and blew him off. The reason I mention this is because the BEST guys out there, don’t even recognize a blow off. It is fucking hilarious to them. There is no rejection, only a lack of chemistry. Jeff talks about he is literally confused if a girl isn’t into him. They have ZERO outcome dependence. Owen and Jeff cannot even remember ever getting rejected. It sounds stupid, but they explained what they mean, and it makes perfect sense. Fucking glorious.

Back to the girl…she walked off to the seating area, and Ghandi gave me this quizzical "what the fuck are you doing look?" – oh yeah, hot girl…talk to hot girl. I quickly got over to her and yelled: "aye, I’m Drama!" She opened nicely (seems like every girl did tonight!), and I chatted with her. I could tell it wasn’t hitting, and she kept glancing towards the direction she was headed. I stood in and as she would walk away, I just talked louder until she finally acknowledged she wanted to go back to her friends.

I’m not sure this is good or bad, but I can tell when I’ve opened a girl if she is not feeling it and trying to walk off. I question if it is good or bad because I feel like analyzing that situation is preventing me from stepping up and actually taking action. I know tonight was all about opening , showing intent, and building social momentum. Internally, I had the urge to get physical, but I’m still miscalibrated, so I wasn’t doing it as much as I normally do. I sorta mind fucked myself tonight wondering if I should be doing things the way I do, or just solely focus on what the instructors said. They micro-critiqued us throughout the night, and that definitely helped me out. Also, I didn’t realize how important building social momentum was until we go to the next two bars.

We literally burned this place down in 25-30 minutes. It was pretty fucking sick. We left Joshua Tree and headed to Wonder Bar. Apparently, it is an Asian night club, because the entire venue was void of white people. I’m not remotely racist, so don’t misinterpret that. I am actually quite fond of sexy little Asian girls, and this club was jam packed with them. I spent most of my time in the club winging with Mike. I hadn’t met him before, but this guy is fucking nuts. I watched him talk to girls, and I stood so close I’m surprised I didn’t blow him out haha. When he talked to girls, they were instantly focused on him. No shift in eye contact, no lack of attention, just "yo, I’m a cool motherfucker" vibe that they ate up.

Mike pushed me into all sorts of different sets. He had me talk to girls trying to get drinks at the bar, he had me talk to girls dancing intensely with each other, he had me talk to girls in the middle of conversations with other guys. I’m foreshadowing now that each night of this program is going to get progressively more intense (just like Brad’s last year). I can only imagine that Owen and Jeff are going to throw me to the wolves on the future nights. I honestly want this though. I want to be pushed harder than ever before, and hit the hardest sets out there. When I’m out alone, I always use excuses to NOT approach. Oh, she is with a guy…or Oh, she is on her phone, etc… That is one of the reasons why I signed up for a second program. I already have decent consistency, but I want to move up to the next level.

I remember meeting a group of three girls, and I married one of the chicks joking around, and the others thought it was hilarious and kept dancing with each other. I talked with her a briefly, but they dragged her off. Mike pointed them out again, and he said "go talk to them, but talk to the girl in the red." I went in and talked with them, and the girl in the red said something about me already being married to her friend (I completely forgot that I had opened these girls before – happened multiple times last night). I teased her and said I’m into polygamy. The friends grabbed her away and they continued ADD dancing.

One lesson I learned is you MUST engage the peer group. Jeff reinforced this to me multiple times throughout the night. You don’t have to engage them much, but you do have to give them your attention once in a while. If you take their friend away, and don’t engage them, they won’t be having as much fun, get mad, and take the girl. This happened to me multiple times throughout the night. I was so focused on showing intent, that I got into a vacuum with most of the girls I talked to and forgot to focus on my awareness too.

Jeff gave a great example of how Tim has this amazing level of awareness. Tim was talking to Jeff while DJ’ing, and without breaking eye contact, he just grabbed a hottie that was walking by "aye! I’m Tim!" Jeff commented on how incredible Tim’s awareness was to notice this hottie in his peripherals, while holding a conversation. There was no hesitation in Tim’s open. He wasn’t thinking "I wonder if she is with her boyfriend, I wonder if she likes me, etc…"

Jeff went on to explain to me what beasting is. I had a strong misconception of what it is, and always assumed it meant going crazy in the club (which you can do while beasting).

"Beasting is reducing your reaction time to ZERO. You just fucking approach without thought or consequence, constantly."

Jeff and Owen nailed the importance of reducing your reaction time. You reduce the amount of time you have before you start rationalizing why you shouldn’t approach and psych yourself out. It is damn obvious how present this will make you too. You don’t allow yourself enough time to be inside of your head.

The Asian bar was fun, and then we proceeded to hit up one more venue.

I can’t remember the name of the next bar, but it was in walking distance from the previous club. We hit up this place, and we were immediately shoved into action. I vaguely remember the first night now as I am writing this portion on Monday, but I did learn some valuable lessons and had a couple solid sets.

The first set I remember was when Jeff told me to approach a black girl sitting at the bar to my right.

"Go ask her which beer will make you look the most manly."

I opened her with that, and she laughed hard. I called her out for drinking Coors Light, and she said "I love the silver bullet."

"That sounds like a vibrator!"

She laughed again, and I was getting physical with her. I introduced myself and clasped both of her hands. She was dressed to impress, and I was vibing with her well, and then I misplayed the situation. I made an explicit comment about her showing off her cleavage, and I felt that energy shift that Jeff discuses during Hotseat. Jeff is amazing at controlling the energy of the conversation and making the girl feel good the entire time. I felt the shift, and immediately lost it with her.

Jeff told me that I can’t make explicit comments like that unless she is receptive to it – a calibration issue on my part. It isn’t a matter of caring if she will get upset with what you say or not, but it is an issue of handling the emotional state of the girl. If I had been talking with her longer and been more physical, making that comment would have been fine.

Another solid set I had was with some girl on the dance floor. She hooked easily, but I wasn’t showing enough intent. Eventually, I suggested leaving, and now I realize that you don’t SUGGEST a pull. It is crazy how much you learn in one weekend.

There were a few more sets, but I don’t remember any specifics. I spent some time watching Owen in set with the most attractive girl in the bar – some blonde. He was just rocking it.

Side Note: The added benefit of attending Hotseat is that you hear what the instructors are saying to girls because they are wearing a microphone. In field, it is hectic and tough to hear what is always going on.

After watching Owen in set for a while, I went back and talked to Jeff and he sent me in to another group. I grabbed the hottest girl and engaged her, but I completely ignored her friends. The friends grabbed the girl and stole her off of me. Jeff explained that you have to handle the peer group. You don’t have to give them all of your attention, but you MUST engage them – big lesson.

We did a bunch of approaches tonight, and then headed outside for a little street game. Owen was in BEAST MODE and we watched him do some street sets. It is much higher energy on the street, and only about 1/5 girls will actually open. The question you have to ask yourself is "why not approach?"

I remember some girls walking off to grab a taxi, and Mike ran after them yelling. What Mike failed to notice was a police car right next to the taxi watching it go down. The girls weren’t having it and were yelling, and the police sounded his siren. We thought it was going to be an RSD blooper, but the cops didn’t do anything.

We hit it hard tonight and headed back to the hotel for a long ass debrief. During debrief, Owen asked us to list:

Your 3 best sets
3 biggest lessons from the night
3 best sets you saw from instructors

We each did this, and learned so much from the instructors and each other. Debrief was fucking awesome every night.

This is easily one of the greatest things I took out of this night. During our debrief, Owen commented on how I would be more congruent if I were more dominant and physically leading. I’m an avid weightlifter and have some serious muscle mass, plus I’m covered in tattoos, so I congruently project that "tough guy" (not the best way to word it) vibe. Owen said that I would benefit from being more physically leading, more dominant, and more up in the girls face. I developed that mindset that you always have to be smiling and happy to get the girl, and I actually fought that inner desire I have to be more congruent with who I am. It is one of those ideas where you know you should be doing it, but you don’t.

It is tough for me to explain, because it resonated with me on such a deep level, but I want to work on being more congruent with who I am. It is definitely something I have never looked at before, and it would seriously benefit me. We didn’t talk about it too extensively, but I want to reflect on it more and see how I can develop that congruency. Mike also commented that when a girl would walk away, I persisted, but only verbally. I should be grabbing the girls firmly and pulling them back in. Just writing about it makes me feel that "fuck yeah" vibe. This was a huge discovery for me tonight.

Day 2 Bootcamp
I’m writing the Day 2 write up now (Monday). I didn’t have the time or energy to get it written up this weekend, but I still remember some good stuff from the second night out!

We only hit up one venue tonight, and it was the Liberty Hotel. Before we go into clubs, Owen yells "Cockfarm disperse" haha. You don’t want to roll up to a bar or club with 10 dudes…common sense.

Upon entry, there was a dark club environment to the right, and if you headed up the escalators, there was a larger lounge type area. I still hadn’t internalized the importance of momentum, and didn’t get into set immediately.

The first group of girls I opened was by the bar. I spent the majority of my night with Mike, and he was pushing me into every set possible. I opened the three girls by the bar, and was doing fine, and then I stopped talking out of nowhere. One of the girls made a comment about it, and I was standing there thinking "what the fuck just happened?"

That obviously didn’t last long. Mike threw me into set with Willie (aka Aussie). Aussie was tearing it up in set with some sexy Indian girls. They literally fucking loved him – I know this because I approached them later and they were asking where my Australian friend was.

I talked with the girls here, and was still doing a piss poor job of getting physical. The focus for tonight was to get physical. Owen and Jeff taught us the physical accosting stack. The point of using this routine is that when you internalize it, you will not have to think about getting physical. I actually experienced this last night (Sunday) at the club. I immediately got physical with every girl I met, and I didn’t put any thought into it.

We roamed around the top area for a while, and hit everything we could, and then headed down to the club area. It was pretty dark and loud down here, and I love that type of environment. Jeff was in set with a table of three girls kicking ass (as usual). I grabbed girls that walked by and opened everything in my path. Some sets lasted longer, but most were very short. I was getting physical with girls, but it felt forced (and it was at the time), and I constantly forgot to get physical – which resulted in me thinking about it and blowing myself out.

I was roaming with Owen for a while, and we noticed some girl standing next to us talking to another guy. Owen said "that girl wants to make out." It was damn obvious after he pointed it out. She was leaning in close to some chode, but the guy didn’t pull the trigger. We were walking around doing a bunch more approaches, and we saw the makeout girl again. Owen made the comment that she wanted to make out and told me to do it. I literally said "aye, I’m Drama" and leaned in for the kiss. Boom…that simple. It is crazy how Owen can pick up on that so quickly, and you can too if you go out ALL THE TIME!

We headed back upstairs, and Owen sent me in set with a smoking hot blonde girl that was sitting in a chair. I went in super high energy, and she wasn’t very receptive. I wasn’t getting physical at all, but stood and talked to her. Owen came over, and leaned in just staring at her without saying a word. He made strong eye contact and smiled, but didn’t say shit. She started to lean back and say "what?!"

It was so fucking on. He talked with her super low key and chill. I hadn’t seen this before, and I was in awe. I have always been under the impression that you have to be happy and high energy all the time. Owen explained later that you can be the raging hot brushfire or the searing hot coal. I remember this from the Blueprint, but I didn’t understand it until I witnessed it.
The girl was completely sucked into Owen’s reality.

"Move over!"

"Well, I’m comfortable."

"No, move over!"

The girl moved over, and Owen sat down on the chair next to her. It was so crazy to watch him stay super low key and chill yet hold this girls attention. It was also a good example of keeping a girl on the edge of her comfort zone. Jeff talked about how he likes to skate along that edge, and make girls slightly uncomfortable. Riding that edge where you are almost getting blown out.

After this, I went over to talk with Ryan for a bit. I started worrying about stupid shit at this point and had a state crash. I was worried about pulling a girl home that night, and I started to get outcome dependent. I remember running into Mike and saying "I need to find a girl!"

Mike straightened me out and helped me realize that that is NOT the right attitude. It is paradoxical. Obviously, we are out because we want to meet women, but at the same time, you can’t be outcome dependent. When you understand what real INTENT is, this will make more sense to you.

Owen and another bootcamp student from Germany were kicking ass at the end of the night. They each had a girl on their lap, and they lead them out of the club as it closed.

While Owen and German were hitting it off with their girls, we ran some street sets in front of the club. I never realized how fucking awesome it is to hit up girls on the streets. You can go in high energy and crazy as fuck. BEASTING all night and then hitting girls up on the street is only natural now.

Owen and Willie (German) didn't pull (100% logistics). Also, Owen has a girlfriend and doesn’t hook up with other girls, but if the logistics were solid, he could have winged Willie to their place and ditched out.

We got back for a long ass debrief again, and I learned a bunch from this night.

It is hard to verbalize everything I gathered from tonight. Many things I learned were subtle and caused unconscious shifts in the way I think and behave.

I definitely learned how important social momentum is. My night started off slow, and I made it even worse by dicking around when I arrived to the club. I got a water, then went to the bathroom, then I ran into Mike who threw me into sets.

Getting physical was our goal tonight, but Owen and Jeff knew we wouldn’t nail the entire physical accosting stack in one night. I barely got physical toward the beginning of the night. I only did a couple spin handshakes near the end of the night and had one make out – and that was just for fun and an open and makeout.

Being a man was reinforced tonight too. I am a big guy, and I’ve been behaving like a little Midwest bitch. Gandhi hit this hard so many times with me, and he reminded me that you can’t just let a girl walk away. I learned that I need to be more physically dominant during debrief, and learned that I should be picking up girls in the club!

Most of my lessons tonight revolved around being more physically leading and dominant. One great lesson I got from Jeff was using baby steps to lead a girl home. I attempted a pull with one girl, but I jumped the gun. She wanted to go home with me, but I was fucking up the process. You have to move the girl to the door, then down the street, and then into the taxi before she is in your bedroom.

I’m selling debrief short! I learned an overwhelming amount, but I can’t consciously remember what happened. I definitely enjoyed having all the guys on program too. I learned a tremendous amount from listening to what other guys had internalized and learned. Most of us shared similar lessons learned each night.

An serious benefit of taking program (aside from being critiqued by experts) is having motivated wings alongside you. I learned so a tremendous amount from the other guys lessons and even watching them in set too.

Day 3 Bootcamp
Our last night out with Owen and Jeffy started immediately after Hotseat. My brain was melted after 10 hours of full immersion. We ran some drills with the Hotseat crew, and then headed out to the bars. To be honest, I was extremely skeptical that tonight was going to go well. I had a horrific headache (I had one every night out), and Hotseat ran later than anticipated, cutting into program time (or so I thought). I was slightly edgy because I thought we would only have an hour or two in the clubs (they close at 2 in Boston, and we didn’t make it out until 12), but I underestimated Owen and Jeff’s serious drive to make every program better than the last.

Last night, our focus was physical escalation, and we were taught an escalation ladder to follow. This is a routine stack in literal terms, but shouldn’t be viewed in that manner. By following the same physical escalation routine, you make it an unconscious habit, which allows you to not think and focus your attention on the present moment and be more aware. Of course, none of us on program nailed our physical escalation the first night of learning about it.

The weekend was built layer upon layer, and tonight, getting physical and leading harder was second nature. Our focus tonight was straight BEASTING!!

We went out to our first bar, and got pushed straight into sets. I remember opening two girls dancing, and I was still slightly off from being in logical mode. I walked in without full conviction that I am truly a beast of desire and got blown out. I saw it happening like it was slow motion. The girl I introduced myself opened, but the friend was getting ready to blow me out.

"Ahh, the look!"

I yelled that, right as she was getting ready to cut me out, and she stopped and started laughing – acknowledging that I’m not a social fucking retard and knew what was going on. I didn’t stick around, and moved on to different girls. The first few were just me building SOCIAL MOMENTUM (so fucking important), and then I met a shorter Mexican girl. This one blew the fuck open. I don’t remember how I opened her, but I know I went in hard and physical (hmm…see the correlation). I did a spin handshake on her, and clawed her in and talked. I still had a horrific headache, and was in a shitty state, but I learned from Owen that you must go with the state you are in. You never want to force it. Also, there is a fucking amazing video of Owen and Jeff winging each other, and Jeff is exhausted and feeling low energy, but he runs with it, and still brings value and the girls love him.

I was talking with the girl, and in the back of my mind I saw Gandhi yelling "lead bitch! Lead!!" I picked her up and spun her around, then I took her hand and said "yo, I’m getting a water." She followed with ZERO resistance. I was talking with her a bit, while leaning against the bar, and I knew she was hooked. Some Mexican guy came in and hugged her and she said it was her friend. I was completely indifferent and said "cool. I’m grabbing a water." I left her with her friend to grab my water, and I knew she would still be waiting. Sure enough, I got my drink and walked back and she was there with the guy friend. I met him, and could tell they were really friends, and he wasn’t some chode trying to blow me out.

Jeff had taught us that when you go in set, completely ignore the guy. Given that I have some experience, I could see the dynamic, and I knew ignoring him would not be beneficial. In most cases, it is better to ignore the guy, but with calibration, you will learn to recognize when you should engage him.

I wasn’t strongly attracted to this girl, and I wasn’t feeling any chemistry, but I learned from Owen in the Hotseat that there is no reason to NOT talk to girls because there isn’t chemistry. You can still be friends with them and boost your state (and simultaneously hers) – WIN/WIN.

I ditched Mexican, and ran into Jeff.

"Jlaix and Drama time!! Blonde in the black shirt, go!"

Without hesitation (this is fucking key guys, hesitation = lack of intent = you’re being a bitch and not a beast), I approached her. This was a memorable set for me, because I clearly remember what I did well, and what I did wrong with this girl. I went in strong and introduced myself, and I maintained solid eye contact. I was fucking attracted to this girl, and my eyes communicated my intent. I was incongruent with my intent because I was not physically escalating. She was in an awkward position, and I failed to get creative…or used it as an excuse not to escalate (still early in the night). I felt the awesome vibe and attraction we had dissipate, and sure enough, she "had to go to the bathroom."

We burned this bar down extremely fast, and gathered downstairs to head out to a different venue. While we were waiting for everyone, Jeff showed us some hilarious dance moves on the dance floor. We did the Purple Rain Dance, and some other flamboyantly gay dance moves that had me laughing my ass off. It was funny noticing that everyone in the bar was staring at us too. We were having the most fun, we were the high value guys in the club. During debrief, Jeffy made a great point that becoming great at the game is learning to go into sets and display how awesome you are and be completely comfortable with having all of the attention. I relate this to Vincent Chase from Entourage. He walks down the street with his crew, and everyone has their eyes on him, but he is completely oblivious to it – which in turn makes him super attractive.

After we burned through the bar, we went out and did a massive amount of street approaches. I haven’t done this before, and holy shit it is a riot! Street game is a completely different dynamic. You have to go in HARD and with full intent or it isn’t going to open.

Owen and Jeff pushed us into every street set imaginable. I specifically remember opening three girls that had just blown off two other bootcamp students. It was a good blowout too haha

"You don’t touch girls!!!"

Definitely a mega cunt in the set.

Jeff told me to go open them again, so I ran in excited as hell – I had been getting blown out hard with a bunch of girls, and it was so fucking hilarious…FULL BEAST MODE.

I ran in and stopped them. Mega cunt was yelling at me to get the fuck out, but this smoking Asian girl was totally into me. I was getting physical with her, and just fucking beasting. I loved how the friend was yelling and screaming at me, but I was completely ignoring her, and her friend didn’t even acknowledge it. Crazy how that happens!

We literally opened everything on the streets, and it was a riot. Street sets are extremely hit and miss, but it is an awesome way to end the night.

"The night isn’t over until you decide it is over." – Jeffy

After lording the streets, we headed to an afterhours club that stops serving alcohol, but stays open extremely late. We got to the bar, and the line was outrageous. Owen handles his shit, and figured out a way to get us in. As we looking at the line, we realized that there were mostly men in it…and they were dressed nicely. We had a hinting suspicion that this was in fact a gay bar haha. I walked up and talked to some guys in the line, and my intuition was correct!

Rather than pay a steep cover to hang out with gays (this would probably be worthwhile in a California club), we did some more street sets and headed to a late night Chinese restaurant. I have never done late night restaurant approaches before, but it was very similar to a club. Owen and Jeffy have been doing this for years, and I never realized how crazy awesome it is! The club was full of black girls! I have very selective attraction for black girls. They have to have a unique or I have zero interest – no middle ground. I never understood this before, but I’ve always had much greater success when approaching black girls. Owen cleared this up with me explaining my sense of entitlement, and how I’m not dependent on an outcome. I love how much intent black girls show though. They always comment on how sexy my eyes and smile are, or whatever else they are thinking. They show intent like guys should!

We did approaches in the restaurant, and I was rocking out with some ADD party girls that came through. It was just a riot talking with them, and I was getting hardcore physical. The emphasis of momentum hit me hard in the restaurant. We had been beasting all night, and everything was more hilarious by this time. I remember approaching a group next to our table after Owen sent me in. They were getting obnoxiously loud, and everyone in the restaurant was looking there way.

"Who has the balls to approach them?"

I was instantly on that shit. I was so deeply in state, all that beasting had cut my reaction time to ZERO.

We all chilled out a little at the restaurant and spent most of our time just shooting the shit with each other. This was honestly one of my favorite parts of the night. Jeff didn’t make it to the restaurant – he ended up pulling a psycho slut off the street in front of the gay bar…true champion. He had a hilarious incident with the girl in the hotel room too haha.

Vibing with the guys at the table and not talking about GAME but just communicating on a man to man level was fucking awesome. I got some valuable lessons from Owen about life tonight.

Physical escalation is key. If you aren’t getting physical, you are not moving things forward. You will feel the lack of energy in the set when you aren’t getting physical. Now, it is more weird for me to not physically escalate girls than it is to stand there and talk. I went out last night and instantly went in hard and physical, and every girl loved it. I got slightly physical with the friends, but with the girls I was interested in, it was FULL ON physical. I love it so much. I don’t have to talk at all, and I get a hard on much easier when I’m getting physical.

I learned a bunch about state transference tonight as well. Having a boner in the club is fucking crucial. When you are feeling aroused, the girl will feel that too. You are putting her into a sexual state. That is why you have to feel AWESOME when you are talking with girls. BEASTING makes you feel like a fucking champion, and in turn, the girl feels amazing too.

Being dominant is crucial too. I was more congruent with who I am tonight by being physically dominant. Gandhi emphasized leading to me all night, and I never realized how simple it is. Gandhi helped me out tremendously with leading. I lead girls around all night and it kicked ass. When I went out last night (Sunday), I lead like a motherfucker. It doesn’t have to be crazy, but the more you move the girl around, the more compliant she comes. When you go for the pull and you haven’t been leading, chances are she won’t be compliant. If you lead her around the bar all night, she will be much more receptive to leaving with you.

Owen and Jeff encouraged us to develop this skillset by pushing every set hard. Go for the makeout with every girl you meet. Go for the pull with every girl, etc… that is how you get good at this – through repetition!

Something I learned from watching Alex in the Hotseat is the power of using a girl’s name. Jeff talked about this and reinforced how well it works:

A good way to remember a girl’s name and immediately get her attention is call her out by her name. There is a clip where Alex met a girl on the street and as she is walking away, he is yelling out her name, which gets her attention instantly.

Spending time with Owen at the late night diner deepened my desire to improve my life. We talked about being healthy and cutting the junk out of your life. I actually deactivated my facebook account today, and I’m avoiding television. I’ve literally been watching RSD videos and writing this all day!

I learned that the instructors are human too. We are all cut from the same cloth! Owen talks about this in the Blueprint, but it didn’t hit me until I spent more time with them and got to know Jeff and Owen on a personal level. They are just fucking cool guys! I always put instructors on a pedestal, but while spending time with them on program, I didn’t do that. I just fucking enjoyed their presence and did everything I was told.

The principles are so damn important. I want to reinforce that for everyone. The 3 principles I mentioned earlier are key. Owen repeatedly mentions in recent videos how important freedom from outcome and intent are. Those two concepts are fucking GOLD! When you have the foundations down, it becomes a matter of screening for logistics, managing logistics, and managing a girls emotional state.

MOMENTUM, MOMENTUM, MOMENTUM. This is so fucking key. It may take you 3 hours before you are fully in BEAST mode, but when you understand that it takes time to build up that momentum, it motivates you to keep approaching. After you cross the threshold, and everything hits hard, you realize "oh, I just have to approach until I become a BEAST of fucking glory."

I remember Owen talking about how long it took him to build up momentum the second day of program. It litearlly took him 2-3 hours to get into full beastmode. At that point, he was just on fucking fire. You need to understand this though! If sets aren't hitting, don't stop approaching. That is the worst thing you can do. Just keep going and going.

One of the coolest things I got out of the weekend is how getting rejected is a win/win situation. The girl is being validated by rejecting you, and you in turn find rejection hilarious and it boosts your state. This game is so subjective. One guy could be all upset that he got blown out and go home and cry...while guys like Owen (and everyone else that is fucking awesome) find rejection hilarious and boost their state. THIS ELIMINATES ALL APPROACH ANXIETY. That is it...the secret to never being afraid to approach. A girl isn't going to go home and be upset and sad and cry that she got creeped out by a guy in the club...are you fucking kidding me? Girls love the validation of being approached all the time, and they blow off guys. Use REJECTION to your advantage and laugh your ass off.

Owen talked about how older women who used to get approached are extremely receptive. They were those girls that blew guys off all the time, and as they got older and stopped getting approached, they FUCKING MISS IT. Very interesting concept. The fact that rejection is hilarious and WIN/WIN was huge for me.

It is hard to believe how much I have changed in one weekend. I experienced true synergy. 1+1 = 400 with these guys. Surrounding yourself with like-minded Individuals will push you to incredible levels.

I cannot recommend bootcamp highly enough. I know it is expensive, but the quality of the program and the value you get from it is priceless. SERIOUSLY! You cannot put a price on this experience. Bootcamp is worth 200x the value. It is a lifetime investment…$2000 over your lifetime is nothing guys! If you are seriously strapped for cash, and taking a bootcamp is not an option, attend the Hotseat. This is easily one of the coolest fucking opportunities out there. Owen purposely made this event inexpensive so EVERYONE could afford it. There is a money back guarantee on all programs as well. If you aren’t satisfied, you get your damn money back. There are literally ZERO EXCUSES to not attend a live event. Fuck, attend the damn free tour! It is FREE.

Rejection is fucking hilarious!! I didn’t realize this until we did a massive amount of street sets.


This morning (Sunday), I got cleared out of my hotel early, and was still in a daze from the crazy weekend of beasting. I walked out the front of my hotel and saw two cute girls walking down the street. Without even thinking I yelled "Aye! Does the terminal run to the airport?"

My tone was full breaking rapport, and my actions and words were very clear (strong intent). The girls immediately stopped and started asking me questions. At the moment, I realized what INTENT is. We have been talking about it all weekend, but it hadn’t been internalized yet…but after opening those girls, I fucking knew.

Honestly, all that is running through my mind right now is BEAST, BEASTING, BEASTMODE, and DERRRRRR. I feel like I’ve regressed into full retardation – no joke.